JON RALSTON: GOP INCREASES LEAD TO 16,000 IN CLARK COUNTY (LAS VEGAS). “I am really surprised by how this turnout is. It is really low…. Is it because it is really low or because the unions are pushing their members to use mail drop boxes? (They are, but it seems unlikely to offset the GOP surge, yes?)” Don’t worry, I am sure we will see a sudden spike in Democrat votes any minute now, probably in very large, round numbers.

Until we have an electoral system with non-laughable security and reliability, there’s no reason to believe the results of any election–not today’s, not 2020’s, and not those to come. (Have to say that here as saying it on social media would get me banned as a “denier.”) The fact that we don’t, even though it’s so easy that countries with far fewer resources do it all the time, proves that our political class doesn’t want honest elections.