August 15, 2005

LA SHAWN BARBER thinks that conservative bloggers are piling on Cindy Sheehan, and doesn’t like it. I was happily on vacation when this broke, and don’t really have an opinion. In general, I think that, as with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the media love to find a grieving mother in a politically correct cause, and don’t look too hard at what else is going on. (M.A.D.D.’s finances, and shifting agenda, deserve a closer look but won’t get it.) But that doesn’t excuse nastiness, which La Shawn says there’s a lot of.

UPDATE: Related post here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: James Taranto emails that La Shawn is wrong: “The “flip flop” argument was weak, but Sheehan’s views are truly despicable, and it’s entirely fair to point that out. See

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