RUY TEXEIRA: Democrats’ Long Goodbye to the Working Class: The party’s biggest challenge heading into the midterm elections is the erosion of its traditional base of support. Its base didn’t “erode,” it was ejected. The main bonding element among the Democrats’ leadership class is contempt — loudly expressed — for the working class and for “normie” voters in general.


America’s historical party of the working class keeps losing working-class support. And not just among white voters. Not only has the emerging Democratic majority I once predicted failed to materialize, but many of the nonwhite voters who were supposed to deliver it are instead voting for Republicans.

This year, Democrats have chosen to run a campaign focused on three things: abortion rights, gun control, and safeguarding democracy—issues with strong appeal to socially liberal, college-educated voters. But these issues have much less appeal to working class voters.

Luxury beliefs don’t have mass market appeal. And it’s hard to build a majority based on contempt for, well, the majority.