“BASELESS ALLEGATIONS:” Ann Althouse corrects the New York Times’ fake news. “First, I have a problem with the phrase ‘baseless allegations.’ You shouldn’t add the word ‘baseless” to “allegations’ unless you have determined that the allegations are based on nothing. Has the NYT done that? Or is it simply showing its bias? . . . But this is a news story. Musk linked to something, then deleted it. I’m inclined to speculate that the reason the NYT is elevating this story is that the drunk-fight-with-a-male-prostitute story is not beyond the pale. It needs to be rendered toxic so no one will pass it around. Don’t dare say it! And that’s not going to work.”

I’ve noticed that most of what passes for “journalism” today consists of focusing on what people shouldn’t know, or if they do know it shouldn’t be allowed to talk about. Democracy dies in darkness, and journalists are the people pulling down the shades.

Or trying to: “The NYT story stirs up doubts, even as it demands that we see the drunk-fight-with-a-male-prostitute story as baseless. There’s at least the report that both men were in their underpants! And that DePape allowed Mr. Pelosi to go into the bathroom by himself.”

UPDATE: A friend comments: “We’re in such a sorry state these days regarding the left’s approach to crime, that were it not for Paul Pelosi’s name, his attacker might be free now in San Francisco, NYC, LA and many other large cities.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Meanwhile, more “journalism” from the NYT: