August 5, 2005

A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WONDERING whether Valerie Plame was mentioned in Joe Wilson’s Who’s Who entry. Kevin Aylward took the unprecedented step of actually looking it up (okay, actually he had a librarian do it for him) and reports: “via Who’s Who, the name ‘Valerie Plame’ has been associated publicly with Joe Wilson since the Clinton era.”

UPDATE: What’s the meaning of this? I dunno. It’s not consistent with the idea of Valerie Plame being deep cover. On the other hand, it may make Novak’s position worse, since he didn’t use her name but identified her as an agency operative, with the Who’s Who making it easy for people to connect the dots. But, of course, that only matters if she was under cover to begin with. That’s why I leave this stuff to Tom Maguire.

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