It turns out that the purportedly fired Twitter employees featured in the news yesterday were hoaxers with a good sense of humor. CNBC’s story on them now comes with an editor’s note: “After CNBC published details of an interview with people who claimed to be fired employees of Twitter, several reports emerged suggesting it was a hoax. CNBC could not confirm the identities of the individuals.” The New York Post follows up in “Pranksters posing as laid-off Twitter employees trick media outlets: ‘Rahul Ligma.’”

“Rahul” went all the way in the name of authenticity: he “held a copy of Michelle Obama’s book ‘Becoming’ aloft while speaking to reporters.”

Hoaxer “Rahul Ligma” had a good name. Hoaxer “Daniel Johnson” had a good line, reported by CNBC’s Deirdre Bosa: “Daniel tells us he owns a Tesla and doesn’t know how he’s going to make payments.” I’m choking up as I write. The hoaxers can be seen in Bosa’s tweet below.

UPDATE: It’s real, and it’s spectacular:

Self-described “technology columnist” at the Washington Post just knocking it out the park.

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