October 29, 2022


COVID likely started circulating in China is late 2019–now 3 years ago–and its effects have dominated our lives for 2 1/2 years.

Yet for much of that time the Establishment™ has been gaslighting us about its likely origins. You know that. The Establishment™ knows that you know. And now the Senate Republicans on the health committee are laying the facts out on the table. COVID almost certainly was released accidentally from a Chinese research lab.

It was remarkable how quickly the Narrative™ settled on the zoonotic origin of the virus, since warning signs that the virus didn’t originate naturally were everywhere. Even scientists who confidently declared in private their belief that the virus was engineered publicly stated the opposite–after having been directed to by Anthony Fauci, the keeper of the keys to the kingdom’s treasury when it comes to research dollars. Fauci in recent months has been backtracking on whether or not the virus could have been engineered, but he sure expended enormous effort maintaining the fiction that an animal origin was certain.

There is a simple reason for Fauci’s reluctance to consider a lab leak hypothesis–if it came from the Wuhan Institute for Virology, the US government likely funded the research. Obviously nobody wants that on their record, and Fauci has quite the pension to protect, as well as an unearned reputation as The Science™. . . . The conspiracy to cover up the origins of the virus isn’t based upon some deep dark desire to kill off millions of people. Nor, I am certain, was the virus released intentionally to create the conditions where the people at the top could seize emergency powers to take us far down the path of tyranny–that was just a happy accident that the WEF crowd took advantage of. If they wanted to do that, they would have chosen a time when Trump wasn’t president.

No, this one is explained by something as simple as bureaucrats covering their assess after having blundered so badly that millions of people died. The emails that were FOIA’d from the NIH make that clear:

Why aren’t the Democrats helping to bring this out?

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