August 2, 2005

INSTAWIFE UPDATE: The Insta-Wife saw her cardiologist today, and they did an EKG and downloaded the information from her ICD, which records its own EKG readings whenever her heart rhythms are funny. Turns out there wasn’t much recorded, because her heart rhythms are much, much better. That didn’t surprise me, because she’s been feeling much better, too.

That’s not because of the ICD. It will shock her heart out of a dangerous rhythm, or pace it out of one before shocking if it can, which is great, but that’s only after things go wrong. It’s because of the Tikosyn — a powerful and hard-to-prescribe anti-arrhythmic — which is dangerous enough in some people that you have to be hospitalized when you start it, but which has worked wonderfully for her, and without noticeable side effects after the first couple of weeks.

The drug has been a godsend for her, and I want to thank the folks at Pfizer for coming up with it. People are always bashing drug companies, but as I’ve written before, they do a lot more to improve people’s lives than most of the critics have ever done, or ever will do.

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