August 2, 2005

IN THE COURSE OF AN INTERESTING POST ON IRAQ Greyhawk points out something else that I had missed:

On a side note – kudos to Newsweek for an innovation. Each of their on-line stories now includes technorati links to every blog that comments on that story – here’s the link page for those writing on the above piece. The “front page” of the Newsweek site also includes a list of their “most-blogged about articles”. Few blogs offer that much trackback so easily accessible – well done.

Cool. Newsweek (and, I suspect, Technorati’s marketing department!) deserves praise for this. Now put a staffer in charge of reading those posts and making corrections when they turn up errors. . . .

And yes, another advantage to Newsweek is that this will encourage bloggers to link its stories, which will drive a significant amount of additional traffic to its site.

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