July 17, 2005


Where’s the wall-to-wall Harry Potter coverage?

You’re missing the major issue of the day, though I don’t know if anyone who is able to read today is actually reading a blog. It would have been more interesting to release Harry Potter on a weekday to see what hit GDP would take for a few days.

My eleven year old boy just finished, and reported it to be his second favorite. I will say, though, that he was very, very sad and depressed when he was finished. I would like to add my comments, but I am only on about page 25. I threatened my son with being tied up naked in his school cafeteria (a terrible threat for an 11 year old boy) if he gave me any spoilers.

Hmm. Harry Potter fostering child abuse — maybe the critics are right! (A better threat would involve dressing him in this! Eew. There’s a market?)

Darren Cahr, on the other hand, is finding eerie resonances with contemporary events. Meanwhile, if you’ve already finished the new book, Amit Varma is already blogging about the next one.

UPDATE: Reviews of the latest Potter book here and, er, here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Shanti Mangala has a pretty favorable review posted. And Meyer has now posted a review of his own.

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