GREENS ARE ENEMIES OF HUMANITY: The “nitrogen war” in Netherlands, an anticipation of times to come.

Farmers in the Netherlands are revolting over the government’s plan to drastically reduce nitrogen emissions by 2030 and is pointing to agriculture and farmers as the worst offenders. But farmers have taken to the streets, blocking roads, and distribution centers, and there has been some serious incidents, including police opening fire on protestors,

It all looks as the “nitrogen war” in the Netherlands is an anticipation of the conflict between environment awareness organizations and agriculture, industry over production systems and its consequences.

“I really understand their anger,” Marcel Crok, a Dutch science writer and co-founder of the Climate Intelligence Foundation, said in an interview. “The farmers are also angry because they say, ‘we are the only sector who get all the blame.’ What about industry? What about the traffic? Maybe we should just ban all the cars in the Netherlands because they also emit nitrogen.”

“This plan as announced in practice means that, in certain areas, farmers have to reduce their nitrogen emissions by 70%,” he continued. “That means they simply have to quit.” . . .

“It is not very rational to curb the Dutch agriculture if you realize that they have the highest production per acre in the world and therefore the environmental load per kilogram food is lower than elsewhere,” Simon Rozendaal, a Dutch journalist and chemists said. “So, in a sense Dutch agriculture is a benefit for climate as well as biodiversity.”

“This will definitely affect ordinary civilians and is part of a global agenda, so everyone around the world, especially Western countries, should be aware that this is something that is not just about the Dutch government. This is part of the ‘2030 agenda,’ this is part of the ‘great reset.’”

Worldwide we need serious accountability for NGOs and “activist groups.” Right now they play with people’s lives and livelihoods, and pay no price for the consequences.