MORE LIKE THIS, PLEASE: General is reprimanded by Army for being a Twitter warrior: Inspector general says top officer ‘discredited’ the service by trolling Fox News’ Tucker Carlson over ‘feminization’ of military.

The US Inspector General’s Office slammed a general for ‘discrediting’ and bringing ‘negative publicity’ to the military on Twitter as he blasted Tucker Carlson and online trolls criticizing women in the army.

The Army was investigating Major Gen. Patrick Donahoe for ‘improper use of social media, toxic and counterproductive leadership, and failing to treat a subordinate with dignity and respect,’ according to a report obtained by Task & Purpose.

The report notes that Donahoe ultimately put unnecessary attention on the military over his spats with Carlson and Marine veteran and COVID-vaccine skeptic Josiah Lippincott.

The investigators also took issue with the general’s public engagement with a female junior officer who was being harassed on Twitter, saying it was against the rules for him to speak to her about matters ‘unrelated’ to training.

Soldier, shut up and soldier. Given the state of today’s post-Afghanistan-debacle military, there’s no time to waste on Twitter warfare.