OKAY, THIS HAS OFFICIALLY BECOME A THING: 12 Federal Judges Join Boycott, Refuse To Hire Yale Students As Law Clerks.

The judges joining the boycott, all of whom requested anonymity in order to speak freely, cited a series of incidents where they say free speech has come under attack at Yale Law …

The law school’s ideological monoculture also poses a problem for vetting clerkship applicants, some judges said, because there are simply no professors whom they trust to recommend conservative clerks.

The feeder judge told the Free Beacon that he had long relied on Amy Chua, a left-leaning but heterodox Yale Law professor, for recommendations, but that the law school has made it a “speech and thought crime” for students to associate with her.

This could start to actually have an effect, potentially pushing Yale Law out of its #1 slot in the rankings. Dean Heather Gerken has to be worried about how that will affect her deanship.