FIGHT THE POWER: Change these ‘unconstitutional’ policies, legal organization tells 12 universities.

On Monday night, Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) sent letters to 12 universities across the country demanding that they change “unconstitutional” policies that impede students’ freedom of speech.

The Roswell, Georgia-based nonprofit primarily identified potential free speech violations, with eight letters challenging bias reporting systems, which professors and students use to report on the so-called offensive speech from their peers.

Two letters challenged university policies that regulate on-campus flyers and another two highlighted restrictions on students’ ability to manage recruitment tables on public property.

SLF sent the 12 letters to: Southern Utah University; Clemson University; University of South Carolina, Columbia; University of Maine, Orono; Santa Rosa Junior College; Iowa State University; Bowling Green State University, Illinois State University; Rutgers University; Miami University of Ohio; University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; and Louisiana State University.