HMM: Musk offers to buy Twitter for $54.20 a share.

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The mystery person known only as ‘TJ’ in court documents made public last week during Twitter’s lawsuit against Elon Musk has been revealed as the billionaire’s ex-wife Talulah Riley, according to a new report from Bloomberg News.

Riley, a British actress who had small roles in HBO’s Westworld and the FX miniseries Pistol, encouraged Musk to destroy the entire social media platform.

“Can you buy Twitter and then delete it, please!? xx” Riley texted Musk on March 24, according to the documents filed in court. “America is going INSANE.”

Riley’s middle name is “Jane,” according to Bloomberg, which is why she appeared in Musk’s phone as TJ, a mystery to most people when the texts first surfaced. Riley continued sending texts on March 24, apparently upset that the account for right-wing parody website Babylon Bee was suspended from Twitter for referring to a trans woman as “Man of the Year.”

“The Babylon Bee got suspension is crazy. Raiyah and I were talking about it today. It was a fucking joke. Why has everyone become so puritanical?” Riley texted to Musk.

I like the cut of her jib. I can see why Elon married her twice. Though I suppose there must have been a reason he divorced her twice, too. . . .