ARE YOU A VEGETARIAN? Or a Processed Food Junkie? “The modern plant-based/non-red-meat diet people also believe that their diets have a halo of health around them. They believe what they’re doing is better for the environment, better at conserving resources, healthier, and allows them to live a life where their guardian angels are constantly high fiving each other. Unfortunately, what many of them are doing is anything but all that. In truth, their diets are often unhealthy and environmentally harmful. In short, crap. . . . People who eat a modern-day plant-based diet have made, in effect, a pact with the Devil. The Devil, in this case, is food manufacturing conglomerates who, in trying to appease the better angels of plant-based eaters while also prying open their wallets, have turned many a plant-based food into a UPF, or ultra-processed food.”