MEDIA COVERAGE OF HURRICANE IAN: They are unsure of the problem, just that Ron DeSantis is to blame. “There is little surprise there would be hurricane response second-guessing in the aftermath of Ian since last week we saw the first-guessing when the press wanted to blame Governor Ron DeSantis for hurricane failures – before the storm even arrived. And the blame has arrived in full force. It is noteworthy that when a Republican is in the White House, the president is responsible for any failings in natural disaster response. When it is a Democratic president, we are learning that all criticism falls on a GOP governor…even when it is unclear what to blame him about. One local political outlet pretends that DeSantis was inactive ahead of the storm, something his communications team was quick to unravel.”

Plus: “DeSantis makes the clear point that the majority of the networks had staged in Tampa because they were assured that it would become ground zero. This was based on the projections of the federal agencies, which the governor was following. But now, he is to be blamed for not predicting the very late easterly turn of the storm that even the hurricane experts at the National Weather Service had not indicated could happen.”