IT USED TO BE CAREER-ENDING TO EVEN RAISE A QUESTION LIKE THIS: The Atlantic: Did a famous doctor’s COVID shot make his cancer worse?

Goldman is a Belgian immunologist and one of Europe’s best-known champions of medical research. He is profiled in The Atlantic for a pretty shocking reason, especially given that publication’s very extreme positions on COVID lockdowns and vaccines in past issues. The Atlantic, you might remember, attacked Governor Brian Kemp as, essentially, a murderer for pushing to reopen his state during the COVID hysteria. Their headline alone was remarkable: Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice. Following less strict COVID prevention provisions was human sacrifice. Unbelievable. Infuriating.

Yet last night on Twitter The Atlantic linked to a new article–one that if it had been published by a slightly less prestigious source would have been instantly banned on Twitter and Facebook, no doubt–that explored the case of Dr. Michel Goldman, who perhaps was given lymphoma by the COVID vaccine, and almost certainly had it spread extremely rapidly because of it.

The thing is, the prestige of the source is no indicator of accuracy, as we’ve seen over the past couple of years.

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