TEXAS: Abbott-O’Rourke Race Update: There Isn’t One. “O’Rourke’s gubernatorial candidacy was always going to be a longshot in an off-year election that was going to favor Republicans. But the disastrous incompetence of the Biden Administration, spiraling inflation, the Biden Recession, resentment of wokeness, and deeply unpopular open borders policies that have pushed more and more Hispanics to switch to the Republican Party have turned the basic headwinds of an off-year election into a howling gale that’s going to blow O’Rourke to his third high profile defeat in five years.”

Well, also Beto’s promise to take away people’s guns, which didn’t play that well in Texas, despite the reassurances of his campaign manager Ian Faith that “I wouldn’t worry about that, Texas isn’t a big gun state.”

UPDATE: Wow, fewer Spinal Tap fans out there than I thought, to judge from the comments.