MARK JUDGE: The True Jackie Robinson: In the MLB’s and media’s coverage of the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s major league debut, there is much that is forgotten. “What the media seems deliberately to miss about Robinson, however, is that he was also very inspiring when he questioned the Democratic Party and blasted radical Malcolm X. Somehow that, along with the fact that Robinson also was a serious Christian—something foundational to his activism—are left out of the conversation surrounding him. As a fascinating and well-searched new book points out, Robinson (1919-1972) was outspoken about politics—and his thoughts did not neatly conform to the liberal narrative on race or anything else. In True: the Four Seasons of Jackie Robinson, sports writer Kostya Kennedy reminds readers that while Robinson was a devoted friend to Martin Luther King, Jr. and a supporter of the civil rights movement, he also voted for Richard Nixon in 1960—and rebuked militant black leader Malcolm X.”