PROGRESSIVE SCIENCE: Warren and Markey Urge Loosening of Restrictions on Testosterone Access. “Many transmasculine and nonbinary people need testosterone as part of their transition, to align their gender expression with their identity or alleviate the distress of gender dysphoria. It’s a crucial step for the mental and emotional health of many trans people. Testosterone is also a controlled substance, which means accessing it can be fraught — and the restrictions can leave some without access to their prescriptions.”

Follow the science: Testosterone to help normal straight men who are deficient in the natural substance lead better lives is heavily regulated and treated with suspicion. Testosterone to help “trans men” lead the lives they choose should be dispensed like candy.

For that matter, why shouldn’t bodybuilders with “body dysmorphia” be prescribed true anabolics? They’re just trying to bring their actual body in line with their preferred look, same as the trans folk.

UPDATE: From the comments: “Masculinity is toxic except when women want to look like men.”