A SHAREHOLDER SUIT THAT COULD GET VERY INTERESTING: National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) owns stock in Starbucks. Folks at NCPPR think Starbucks is decreasing the value of that investment by promulgating a host corporate programs that discriminate on the basis of race.

“The policies—all of which are advertised on the coffee giant’s website—include $1.5 billion set aside for ‘diverse suppliers’ and a compensation scheme that ties executive pay to ‘BIPOC representation’ at the company, for which Starbucks has set numerical targets. The corporation also runs a ‘Leadership Accelerator Program’ that is available only to minority employees, as well as a program that reserves 15 percent of Starbucks’s advertising budget for minority-owned media companies,” according to The Washington Free Beacon’s Aaron Silbarium.

The reason this could get really interesting is NCPPR also owns stock in McDonald’s and JP Morgan, and the conservative nonprofit has already warned them about their woke programs. Keep an eye on this one.