HE SEEMS LIKE A WEAK CANDIDATE TO ME, AND I’M NOT LOOKING AT HIS INTERNALS: Is something about Fetterman’s polling scaring the beejeebus out of his campaign? “Fetterman’s stroke has seriously hampered his ability to campaign – once he emerged from the basement, it’s apparent he lacks the ability to string a coherent sentence together – while his obfuscation concerning his recovery, the bulge on his neck he’s obviously been trying to hide, and, most importantly, how serious his current state of cognitive impairment is, all are hugely concerning. It’s also brought more scrutiny than perhaps an individual of his few good personality points could withstand – there really is little likable about him. Not to mention the nitpicky – does he own a decent shirt? The guy’s a slob. Dr. Oz, for all the teeth gnashing about his candidacy, and questions about his commitment to a long slog of campaigning, has done something truly admirable and kind of unexpected – the work. The fabulous Salena Zito has trailed Oz across the state: small towns to county fairs to main street storefronts. Watched him connect, meet people in all manner of impromptu settings, and witnessed those folks come away believers.”