WEIRD HOW LAST YEAR’S “CONSPIRACY THEORY” IS ONCE AGAIN THIS YEAR’S “EVERYBODY KNOWS:” CNN’s Brian Stelter: Hey, Hunter Biden is “not just a right-wing media story” any more, you know.

Yes, we know — and we knew it all along. Almost two years after the mainstream media locked arms with Big Tech platforms to prevent the dissemination of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, suddenly it’s no longer just a “right-wing media story.” Brian Stelter declared it open season on Hunter’s legal woes and alleged connections to corruption … now that Joe Biden’s approval and favorability ratings are bad enough that Democrats want to find ways to push Biden out of the 2024 election cycle.

Once you understand that Stelter — and the vast, vast majority of his counterparts — aren’t journalists but Democratic Party operatives, it all makes sense.