PHALLOPHOBIA RAISES ITS UGLY HEAD: College students upset at ‘phallic’ sculpture coming to campus.

It doesn’t look especially phallic to me, but what’s wrong with “an erect penis” anyway? Are you bigoted against people with penises? What about women with penises? Why do you hate women?

UPDATE: Ann Althouse has pics from other angles that, well, don’t look especially phallic to me, but certainly they look more phallic than the picture accompanying the article.

But mostly I love this from her comments: “So somewhere between kindergarten (where representations of sexual organs are an essential part of the curriculum) and university (where even an unrealistic representation of a male sexual organ is so disturbing that it must be hidden from sight) the education system has turned students into puritanical bluenoses.”

Plus: “You pervs can go with phallus all you want – I see Jenga.” A more plausible interpretation, based on the pics. . . .