NEVER UNDERESTIMATE JOE’S ABILITY TO FUCK THINGS UP: Why is the baby formula crisis still getting worse? “You probably haven’t seen many stories about baby formula shortages on the cable news networks or on the front pages of the larger newspapers lately. And that lack of coverage might lead you to believe that the problem has finally been addressed. But you would be incorrect. Actually, the shortage is worse now than it was two months ago, though it varies from region to region. As of this week, 70% of all baby formula brands were out of stock. The people faring the worst are in Rhode Island, where 79.3% of all baby formula brands are currently out of stock. The most popular American brands are almost impossible to find, with imports from places as far away as Europe and Australia being the only ones available. (If you’re lucky enough to find them.) Too many mothers of infants are now complaining that the government is ignoring their plight.”

To be fair, they don’t really want people to have babies anyway.

UPDATE: From the comments: “It’s not a crisis if the administration no longer acknowledges it exists.”