MORE VIOLENCE AGAINST REPUBLICANS: Rep. Lee Zeldin attacked at Perinton campaign stop. “Congressman Lee Zeldin was attacked at a campaign event in Perinton Thursday night. Zeldin is the Republican candidate for governor in New York State. Witnesses say Zeldin was giving a speech about bail reform at the VFW on Macedon Center Road when a man got on stage, started yelling, ‘wrestled with him a bit, and pulled a blade out.’ The alleged attacker was suppressed by AMVETS national Director Joe Chenelly. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said he was taken into custody.”

Zeldin wasn’t hurt, and continued his speech. But we all know how the press would treat this with the parties reversed.

UPDATE (From Ed): Speaking of which, I guess we won’t be getting any “dangers of violent rhetoric”-style lectures from the DNC-MSM:

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