KURT SCHLICHTER: The Next Republican President Must Fix the Military First.

I was there when the United States military was great, when it inspired fear instead of laughter, when it smashed whole armies in a hundred hours instead of letting a bunch of seventh-century freaks drive it out of a country that would have to work up to join the Third World. The American armed forces had a culture of winning then; it now has a culture of not only losing but of turning on its own, destroying itself through social justice nonsense, and rejecting the warrior ethos. Predictably, the normal, patriotic Americans who traditionally answer the call to the colors are refusing to sign onto an organization that hates them. Unless the boys, girls, and non-binaries of Santa Monica, the Hamptons, and the Gender Studies Department at Wellesley are going to enlist en masse to make up the growing recruiting/retention deficit, we need a military culture that is friendly to the traditional warrior pool of rural and middle America.

My New York Post column that will be out later today says something similar.