STACY MCCAIN: Historic Thoughts on ‘Our Democracy.’ “In the ensuing 233 years, many Americans have lost their fear of a tyrannical authority. Indeed, some of our ‘elite’ seem to love such authority, which they hope to control for their own tyrannical purposes, and these elites have lately gotten into the habit of using the phrase ‘our democracy’ as if there were a consensus agreement in favor of the nebulous concept this phrase is meant to express. Specifically, the elites who endlessly blather on about ‘our democracy’ claim that it is threatened by Donald Trump and his supporters, so that ‘our democracy’ can only be safe if 74 million voters are effectively disenfranchised. In other words, ‘our democracy’ requires the suppression of dissent, which certainly is not what most Americans think of as democracy.”

When Democrats talk about “our democracy,” what they really mean is their democracy. Your votes don’t count.