July 2, 2022

IT’S A SHOW TRIAL, BUT THE SHOW HAS LOUSY WRITERS AND CHEAP PRODUCTION VALUES: Byron York: The Jan. 6 committee charade. “This is very serious, Cheney said, but I won’t tell you anything else. In what way is that the purpose of a congressional investigating committee?”

Plus: “The process a committee observes in its investigations means something. When a committee throws an established process out the window, that means something, too. And that is what the Jan. 6 committee has done. It’s a shame there is no opposition party voice inside the committee to let the public know what’s going on.”

Well, Pelosi made sure of that. But it’s also why the committee is a joke — worse, it’s political show trial — and thus Americans have tuned it out. You can now identify the useful idiots by the people who take it at all seriously.

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