June 24, 2022

HAPPY ROE V. WADE IS OVER? NEW TITLE IX REGS MAKE THAT RISKY TO SAY ON CAMPUS. “The Biden administration’s proposed regulation uses a definition of sexual harassment that is similar to one that was struck down by the federal appeals court in Atlanta… [T]he court noted that it had ‘asked the University’s lawyer a series of questions about whether particular statements would violate the discriminatory-harassment policy: (1) ‘abortion is immoral’; (2) ‘unbridled open immigration is a danger to America on a variety of levels’; and (3) ‘the Palestinian movement is antisemitic.’ The University’s lawyer could not rule out the possibility that such speech would be deemed sexual or racial harassment under the policy’s broad language, without first considering ‘all the facts and circumstances’ surrounding the speech.”

(Bolding is mine.) There’s always another trick up the sleeve, isn’t there?

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