June 23, 2022

WELL, OKAY THEN: A Large-Scale Experiment Used Human Pee to Fertilize Crops. Here’s What Happened. “Making industrial fertilizer usually involves intensive mining of ores containing phosphorus and potassium. Burning natural gas at high temperatures sequesters the much-needed nitrogen from the air we breathe – in one of the most CO2-intensive chemical making reactions. Among many other things, plants use all three of these elements for photosynthesis. Yet our urine is packed full of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen already in an easy-to-access form. . . . If we used this product in industrialized countries too it could not only increase crop yields and reduce the fossil fuel intensive resources needed to grow them but make our sanitation systems more sustainable as well. Groups in Sweden, the US and Australia are also looking into using widespread urine fertilizer.”

Obviously we need government-mandated pissoirs with storage in every home and office.

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