June 3, 2022


Top-rated NYT comment: “I am really starting to get sick of these partial articles, of the cherry picked facts, of the caveats and concessions for Amber’s side when presenting this trial in the media. I am a progressive, a feminist, work in human rights. I am not a conservative or a wild Johnny Depp ‘tik tok’ fan. I watched the whole trial. I was on Heard’s side, for years. But it was clear as the trial went on, that it is very likely that Heard has fabricated the allegations – something absolutely heinous to do, to destroy someone else’s life. Please Michelle, don’t be dishonest here. Everyone watching the trial could see the facts as they were presented; most people are smart enough to infer their own conclusions that Heard acted with malice.”

Plus: “I haven’t read all the comments, but I haven’t found one that isn’t critical of the position Goldberg takes.”

The “MeToo backlash” that Goldberg deplores is because of people like Goldberg, who wanted to replace fairness with gender-based lynchings.

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