May 27, 2022

OH, COME ON! Border Patrol tactical team arrived at Uvalde school shortly after noon — but cops stopped them from going in. “I continue not to understand why a town with its own police force and its own SWAT team hadn’t already neutralized the shooter by the time the immigration agents got there. Reportedly, the agents don’t understand it either. But as bad as it was that Uvalde had to rely on federal officers to handle this, worse is the fact that the feds weren’t allowed to handle it at first.”

Plus: “I almost can’t bring myself to ask this but I have to: Did they hear any children screaming on the other side of the door while they stood there for 48 minutes?”

And: “They must have known that some kids in the room were alive, as a few were on the phone with 911 sporadically: ‘From 12:03 to 12:46, 911 dispatchers received numerous calls from within the classroom, including repeated calls from a child whispering that people were dead and begging: ‘Please send the police now,’ Mr. McCraw said.'”

Remember, the police have no duty to help you. And calling 911 doesn’t work like on the TV shows. I triple-dare the producers of shows like S.W.A.T. to do an episode while they just stand around while kids die. And yet that’s become disturbingly common in America.

Also, buy a gun.

Related: DPS offers timeline, admits on-scene commander got it wrong: ‘It was the wrong decision. Period.’ “Officers did go in and engage the shooter immediately, but after that initial push they stood outside in the hallway from 11:35 am until the door was finally breached at 12:50 pm. That’s 75 minutes during which there were no attempts to breach the door. McGraw then went through a timeline of 911 calls which made the delay seem even worse. A female teacher called at 12:03 pm and told police where the shooter was. Of course based on the earlier timeline, they already knew that. The same teacher called back at 12:10 to advise police there were multiple people dead. At 12:13 and 12:16 she called once again to say there were 8-9 students still alive.”

Plus: “The next question is more clear. Why did they treat this as a barricaded subject when there were children inside the classroom, some of whom were still alive. . . . That’s one hell of a big mistake to make and you do wonder why it took three days for them to admit it.”

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