May 26, 2022

GOOD: Texas Association of School Boards severs ties with national association.

The fall-out from concerned parents being called domestic terrorists by a school board in Virginia continues. Membership in the National School Boards Association (NSBA) has dropped substantially. The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) is the latest state group to sever its ties with the national association. The TASB responded to the release of a private investigation into a letter sent by the National School Boards Association to the White House on Sept. 29. The NSBA contacted the White House asking for assistance from the Department of Justice to deal with angry parents attending school board meetings. Parents were showing up at school board meetings demanding answers on school closures during the pandemic, mask mandates, and progressive curriculum being taught in classrooms. School board members labeled parents as domestic terrorists after overheated exchanges during school board meetings. The letter sent on September 29 initially included a request for the National Guard to be deployed to some school district meetings. That language was later removed.

Let that sink in. The NSBA wanted to send in a military presence to intimidate parents into submission. The investigation findings brought about a decision by the TASB board of directors to leave the national organization on Monday.

Public schools should be replaced by vouchers, as a way of eliminating the toxic — and unAmerican — bureaucracy that has built up around them.

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