HOWIE CARR: Unraveling Hillary Clinton’s Russia hoax … starting with Michael Sussmann.

If you’re only dimly aware of the ongoing D.C. criminal trial of corrupt Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann, don’t feel bad.

That’s the way they want it, they being the Deep State.

On Friday, Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook testified under oath. He swore that in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign, Clinton signed off on secretly handing the corrupt FBI a totally bogus, made-up report on Donald Trump’s alleged communications with the Kremlin through a server for Alfa Bank in Moscow.

You see, the fraudulent Steele “dossier” wasn’t the Democrats’ only attempted frame-up of Trump. Hillary et al. were making up all kinds of BS about the future POTUS. And Hillary personally okayed the Big Lie on the server.

Jonathan Turley boiled it down succinctly: “Hillary Gave the Greenlight to Gaslight.”

Perfect. And that’s why you’ve probably never read it anywhere, at least not in any of the outlets that gave themselves Pulitzer Prices for years of gas-lighting all these fake rabidly anti-Trump whoppers.

This particular one was such a preposterous canard that an FBI agent — and remember, these sticky-fingered clowns are little more than the Democrats’ secret police — scrawled in the margin of the report the number 5150, which is California slang for insane or crazy.

But in state-run media, all you’ve heard about Sussmann is crickets. They’re giving this trial a good leaving-alone.

Do you think this bombshell trial might have been handled just a little differently if, say, Corey Lewandowski had testified in open court that Donald Trump directed him to peddle a monstrous lie about Hillary Clinton, and that the FBI had gone along with it, because it likewise wanted to railroad the Democrat candidate?

Mouthpiece Sussmann is accused of lying to a federal agent, which is a crime. But he’s a Democrat so … never mind.

The prosecutor is John Durham, the special counsel appointed in 2019 to get to the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s multiple Russian collusion hoaxes.

Durham has Sussmann absolutely 100% dead to rights. They have his text to another Democrat hack in the FBI saying he’s not representing any client when he’s bringing in the phony documents. That’s the lie.

The proof is in his own law firm’s billing records — he charged Hillary for his mendacious trip to FBI headquarters to pass on the dirty trick against Trump.

Once the FBI had the fake tip, Hillary’s minions then peddled it to the corrupt Very Fake News media. They told everybody, including their own agents, that the tip came, not from Hillary, but from the DOJ.

After they planted the story in a Democrat religious tract called Slate, Hillary then tweeted out Slate’s fake-news story with this lie: “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server …”

Then one of her soy boy campaign coat holders, Jake Sullivan, piled on: “This could be the most direct link yet …”

In a just world, Sussmann would already be in prison. But he’s a Democrat apparatchik in Brandon’s America, so the fix is in, more than somewhat.

If you doubt me, consider the D.C. jury listening to the evidence.

One juror acknowledged he’d contributed to Hillary’s campaign. Another thought she had but couldn’t remember. Another is a former bartender who donated to AOC. Still another juror’s husband worked on Hillary’s 2008 campaign, and yet another supports defunding the police.

Yet they all got onto the jury. After the trial started, still another juror recalled that her daughter was on some private-school crew team with the sleazy Sussmann’s kid.

The judge told her not to worry about it and refused to excuse her.

Who’s the judge, you ask?

His name is Christopher “Casey” Cooper, appointed by Obama after his service on the Obama 2008 transition team. After law school, he worked in the DOJ with the defendant — what a coincidence!

Later the judge was also employed in the same law firm as … Eric Holder, Obama’s self-described “wingman” as attorney general.

Our ruling class is rather incestuous.