May 24, 2022

WELL: OH Man Plotted Assassination Of George W. Bush In Dallas: Reports.

A Columbus man has been taken into custody after federal authorities said he plotted to assassinate former president George W. Bush, even traveling to Dallas to record video of the former president’s home, according to reports.

In an FBI search warrant application filed in March, unsealed this week and obtained first by Forbes, a man identified as Shihab Ahmed Shihab indicated on his WhatsApp account that he wanted to kill Bush because he blamed the former president for the deaths of many Iraqis and for breaking apart the country following the America’s invasion in 2003. The suspect traveled to Dallas in November to record video around the former president’s home.

The suspect was taken into custody, NBC News reported. NBC, citing court documents and law enforcement officials, reported that the FBI accused the suspect of plotting to smuggle as many as six people from Iraq into America over the Mexico border. According to Bloomberg, four of them were Iraqi nationals and former intelligence agents who would come from Turkey, Egypt and Denmark.

Nothing to see here, move along.

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