May 21, 2022

BLACK LIVES MATTER KILLS BLACK PEOPLE EN MASSE: Anti-cop pols yawn as slay spike hits black Americans hardest. “While politicians were marching in arms with protesters claiming to care about black lives, they were actively making their lives worse. For black Americans who live in dangerous neighborhoods, removing the police has made them even more unsafe and has emboldened the criminal element that resides alongside the innocent.”

Black Lives Matter was always a scam. It was never about making things better for black people, and it hasn’t. But it’s enriched some people, and let a lot of woke white people pretend that their lives have meaning.

If that pretense cost a lot of black people their lives so be it. Nothing’s more important than letting woke white people pretend that their lives have meaning.

UPDATE: BLM supporters got what they paid for: The surge in support for the movement was purely about cleansing white guilt.

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