KEEP LOOKING FOR WHITE SUPREMACISM UNDER YOUR BEDS IDIOTS:  House Passes ‘White Supremacism’ Domestic Terrorism Bill After Buffalo Shooting.

You won’t like it if you create it.
To be fair, I think they’re sincere in this. Not that it makes any sense, but the same way that they meet accusations their books aren’t fun with “that’s because you don’t want minorities to write!” (This usually said by affluent white women, mind) the left can’t imagine anyone opposing their insanity unless they’re “white supremacists.”

Because wanting formula for your baby, not wanting your kid sexually molested by weirdo teachers, and wanting to have money to eat, must mean you’re a racist, yo. Not rational and sane.

So they associate things like a crazy communist shooting people with “White supremacy.” Because, you know, if they keep shoveling, they’ll find a pony under all the sh*t.