MAYBE THERE IS A MULTIVERSE! You know, the theory that there are an infinite number of universes and we just happen to live in the one that is habitable for humans. Well, what if two multiverses get mixed up in some manner and share a little space, matter and time?

For one thing, that might explain how His Fraudulency can be so totally out of touch with economic reality. He’s physically in our universe but he’s actually in and seeing a different one, one that is prosperous and growing.

Just how out of touch Biden is was demonstrated most vividly in the latest Issues & Insights/TIPP Economic Optimism Index, which plunged 9.5 percent last week.

“In his remarks last week, Biden said ‘when you look at the economy today, it’s clear that we’ve made enormous strides.’ He’s right about that. Unfortunately, those enormous strides have all been in the wrong direction,” observes the crew at Issues & Insights. BTW, have you bookmarked I&I yet?