IT’S RAINING BULLETS — SORT OF: Not very impressive. Meanwhile, reader Joseph Fulvio emails with further thoughts on the increasingly dubious Sgrena affair:

Europeans have long been conditioned to assume the worst about Americans. No surprise there. But it’s interesting how quickly the American Left accepted, with little reservation, the word of a politically-blinkered writer who openly crusaded against this war (no bias there!). Yet, it refused to give benefit of doubt, much less a full hearing, to its fellow citizens, members of the most highly trained and disciplined military organization in the world. But don’t question their patriotism – they support the troops™.

Here’s a column by Austin Bay that’s more informed and thoughtful than most of what you’ll read on this. And there’s some more interesting background on Sgrena on his blog.

UPDATE: More photos of the car here. If U.S. troops were firing as much as Sgrena claims, they should all be sent back to the shooting range to requalify.