SCREEN-FREE SCHOOLS ARE COMING: Auguste Meyrat is a teacher who “sees rampant tech addiction up close.” That’s why the Meyrat kids are heading to schools without screens. This has the feel of a new movement. As Meyrat explains:

“Many of today’s children are ignorant, sad, and set up for failure. They lack the knowledge and skills to perform basic tasks. They are lonely and suffer from depression and anxiety. Also, as Mark Bauerlein explains in his book ‘The Dumbest Generation Grows Up,’ they are incredibly immature.

“The reasons for this are not a mystery. One top answer is actually incredibly simple: Screens. Instead of learning about their world and participating in it, the majority of young people are glued to their devices, playing video games, scrolling through social media, and streaming videos.”

I’m old enough to remember when there were actually liberals who advised Americans to “kill your TV.” That’s not what Meyrat is advising, but it won’t be long before today’s liberals accuse him of exactly that.