MAN BITES DOG! David Kaspar has photos of the pro-Bush demonstrations in Mainz yesterday.

And reader Jack Lillywhite emails from Belgium:

My wife and I are in Belgium for a family wedding (her side) and have been watching the mostly Eurocentric, left-leaning, anti-Bush coverage about the President’s visit (and that is just CNN International). But one of the more prominent Flemish networks brought a good report of the pro-American demonstration held in Brussels today in which hundreds if not thousands of Iraqi expatriates and pro-American Belgians as well as expat Americans attended. If you go to LVB.net weblog you can get more. Luc was one of the organizers.

I couldn’t make much of the LVB.net blog, as I don’t read Flemish. But I wonder if these will get any notice from American media?

UPDATE: D’oh! There’s an English version of LVB net. I didn’t see the tab before. Cool stuff.