April 20, 2022

MORE LIKE THIS, PLEASE: Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College: The Warning to Wokesters. “It thus looks pretty likely that with accumulated postjudgment interest, Oberlin will have to fork over in excess of $34 million to the Gibson family. This is on top of the millions Oberlin has spent on attorneys fees, and millions more that the negative publicity has and will likely cost Oberlin. The eight-figure disaster should serve as a timely object lesson to universities and administrators: surrendering to wokeism and cancel culture (in Oberlin’s case, embracing and participating in it) can have very real, very expensive repercussions.”

I believe a lot of cancellations could support lawsuits under the conspiracy-to-deprive-civil-rights statutes and under various business torts like tortious interference with contractual relations. What’s more, even a moderate threat of being sued would make individuals and organizations much more hesitant to engage in these mobbing attacks.

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