HOSPIBLOGGING: Last week it was Ed Morrissey; this week it’s me. The Insta-Wife is here for a heart catheterization — they’ll be doing an electrophysiology study and, perhaps, an ablation to deal with some rhythm problems that have been giving her trouble. As usual, this has started at an ungodly hour. She’s already back being prepped; I’ll get to see her before she goes in.

Blogging may be light, or may not — it’s not like there’s much else to do around here, besides read old magazines (Remember “Bennifer?” They live on in hospital waiting rooms . . . .).

UPDATE: It’s now about 7:15 and they’ve wheeled her off. Thanks to all the people who emailed with prayers and good wishes. And thanks to Jeff. Capt. Ed emails that he hopes hospiblogging isn’t the next big thing. I agree. Even tireblogging is better!

ANOTHER UPDATE: It’s now a bit after 8. I ducked out and grabbed a bit to eat, blogging from the cafeteria, and now I’m back in the waiting room. (Rule Number One in these situations is to seize opportunities to take care of your own needs for food, etc., when you can, since you’re often stuck where you can’t.) They just called to say that things have started, and that she’s doing fine. Thanks again for all the emails with good wishes and support.

MORE: Now it’s 9:40. They just said that everything’s going well, but that she’ll be in for a while longer. I think I’ll go get some coffee — I’ve been up since before 4 a.m.