April 12, 2022

IF I WERE LOOKING FOR AN EXPENSIVE LUXURY SEDAN, IT WOULD BE HIGH ON MY LIST: 2022 Audi S8 Is a Luxury Sedan That’s Fun in the Front or the Back. “The S8 plays in the same price bracket as other V-8-powered executive sedans such as the BMW 750i and the Mercedes-Benz S580, but it offers a more engaging driving experience than those rivals.”

But since I don’t have a driver and don’t want one, the cavernous luxury of the rear seats is kind of wasted: “The ultimate setup requires the $5900 Rear Seat Comfort package that includes a full-length center console, fold-out tables, heated and ventilated cushions, massage functions, and more.”

However, although I’ve always liked sports cars, I’ve also had a strong admiration for luxury sedans, going back to 7th Grade when Norman Pih and I argued the relative merits of Cadillac Fleetwoods vs. Lincoln Continentals. In retrospect probably the last year either was worth a damn, but we were happy in our ignorance of what was to come. And while it’s not a sports car, the S8 does 0-60 in 3.2, which would have blown our little 7th Grade minds.

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