April 6, 2022

WHEN I SAW THEY WEREN’T MAKING A BIG DEAL ABOUT IT ON THE NEWS I KNEW WHO THE SHOOTERS WOULD BE: Politicians and the Gun Control Industry Are All Out of Answers After the Sacramento Shooting.

UPDATE: D.A.’s Office Letter That Opposed Parole for Man Now Arrested in Connection with Sacramento Killings of Six: The letter is dated April 29, 2021, when Martin was three years into a 10-year sentence for a brutal assault on his girlfriend; he was released in February. “The Parole Board initially denied Smiley Allen Martin parole but then released him in February—he has now been arrested (as have his brother Dandrae Martin and Daviyonne Dawson) in connection with the shootings that killed six and wounded twelve. Note that the letter’s statement that the offense for which he was serving time was not ‘violent’ simply reflects the definition of ‘violent felony’ in a particular California sentencing enhancement statute, which generally doesn’t include assault; in ordinary language, of course, the crime was highly violent.”

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