WASHBURN UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT JERRY FARLEY attacks identity of his students.

Washburn University student Christopher Schenk told Campus Reform that he feels the email sent by his school’s president contradicts the university’s commitment to its “core values.”

“I was disappointed by Dr. Farley’s email, as it painted many students, like myself, as supporters of hate speech and as spreaders of misinformation,” he said. “Hearing this from my university’s president made me feel uncomfortable expressing my opinions and values on campus.”

Additionally, Knowles tweeted on Mar. 30 that Farley “did not cite any evidence for his defamatory claims because none exists.” He also wrote that he’d be willing to discuss any examples of “hate and misinformation” of which Farley believes if he wants to cite them.

To be fair, you’re now guilty of “hate and misinformation” whenever you don’t — enthusiastically! — support the woke agenda.