WE’RE WATCHING THE ARNOLD BIOPIC that’s advertised to the right (hey, they bought an ad, I can at least give ’em a couple of viewers). It’s not bad. The guy who plays the young Arnold is excellent. The guy who plays the current Arnold is only so-so. Arianna Huffington is the heavy, and is, er, played to perfection. The L.A. Times is repeatedly hammered as dishonest and biased.

UPDATE: Not bad. The Insta-Wife — a huge Arnold fan — liked it a lot. It ended with not one, but two, references to amending the Constitution so that Arnold could run for President. They’re getting that meme out early . . . . (And, yes, I know it was already floated in Demolition Man back in 1993, but that wasn’t serious. Or was it . . . .? ).