IRAQI ELECTION COVERAGE ON C-SPAN TOMORROW will include a section with Spirit of America.

And here’s a huge roundup of Iraq election coverage, courtesy of Jeff Jarvis.

UPDATE: The Mudville Gazette has more, including these comments to Dan Rather:

Johnson says the Marine presence has changed life in Hasweh. His convoys are being attacked much less frequently. The market is busy. Schools, which were closed last year, are open now. And there is water and electricity most of the time.

But Johnson doesn’t think that story is getting out. Neither does Sgt. Lewis. “I am tired of hearing the crap,” says Lewis. “The whole, well, ‘We are barely hanging on, we’re losing, the insurgency is growing.’ All that. We are doing fine. It’s just a small, a small amount of people out there causing the problems. I mean, it is a small number, and we’re killing them.”

And from Dan Rather. As Greyhawk writes: “I admit to being surprised” at the tenor of Rather’s reporting. And check out his whole site.